You’re NOT the Only One Who Finds Accountants Intimidating and Unapproachable


If calling your accountant gives you an uneasy feeling, if you feel intimidated or nervous about asking questions, if you feel your accountant isn’t giving you the time and attention you need, or perhaps you’ve found it challenging talking to an accountant about your situation –

I’ve got great news for you.

You’re NOT the only one who finds accountants intimidating and unapproachable.

I know that working with accountants can be stressful and at times, intimidating. That’s where I come in. I’ve helped business owners, non-profit organizations and people just like you for over 20 years feel more relaxed and more comfortable about your accounting needs and financial situation.

Working with your accountant doesn’t have to be a discouraging or daunting task; in fact, when working with me you can expect I am going to:

  • Respect your situation and you as a person. You’ll always be spoken to in an encouraging, honest tone.
  • Invest my time and energy in earning your trust
  • Make an easy, secure and comfortable environment for you to ask questions
  • Communicate with you in clear, easy to understand language – without jargon
  • Establish a peer-to-peer relationship whereby both you and I are able to freely communicate in an honest, up-front way
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that your project is in good hands and that your going to receive timely turn around

If you’re visiting my web site for the first time, I invite you to look around and get a good feel for how I can assist you, listen to testimonials from clients that I’ve helped, and hear some audio clips I’ve recorded that specifically address challenges that most people have with their accounting. you’re ready to talk with someone who has years of successful experience, who is easy to work with and talk with, and who is going to work with you as a respectful peer, I encourage you to take an easy step today and give me a call at (480) 991-5850.

I’ll be happy to talk to you about your accounting needs. If you feel we’ve made a good connection and I might be a good fit, we’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting where we can discuss your situation and needs in further detail.


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